What We Do

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Operational Consulting

VIO RPAS is positioned to provide operational advice to those entering Drone operations in a commercial capacity. Our knowledge of the RPAS environment and airline experience provides specialised insight from an aviation perspective.

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Compliance Enablement

We have an in-depth understanding of the existing RPAS regulations. We can provide insight and guidance through to compiling of operational manuals, RPAS AMO setup, and ROC establishment.

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Industry Engagement

We have developed close links to the broader aviation and drone industry through our involvement with RPAS and more conventional aviation training institutions.

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Aviation Expertise

VIO RPAS has established an in-depth of knowledge within the Aviation environment covering both RPAS, Aviation Training and Airline experience. The company has in-house RPAS and Aviation instructors with experience that encompasses all aspects of aviation operations; these include auditing, compliance, training and management.

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