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What We Do

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Operational Consulting

VIO RPAS is positioned to provide operational advice to those entering Drone operations in a commercial capacity. Our knowledge of the RPAS environment and airline experience provides specialised insight from an aviation perspective.

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Compliance Enablement

We have an in-depth understanding of the existing RPAS regulations. We can provide insight and guidance through to compiling of operational manuals, RPAS AMO setup, and ROC establishment.

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Industry Engagement

We have developed close links to the broader aviation and drone industry through our involvement with RPAS and more conventional aviation training institutions.

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Aviation Expertise

VIO RPAS has established an in-depth of knowledge within the Aviation environment covering both RPAS, Aviation Training and Airline experience. The company has in-house RPAS and Aviation instructors with experience that encompasses all aspects of aviation operations; these include auditing, compliance, training and management.

VIO RPAS Solutions (VRS) is a division of VIO Aviation Solutions with 49% owned by VIO Aviation Solutions (Pty) Ltd and 51% by a BEE consortium. VRS specialises in providing consulting services to companies impacted by the aviation industry, specifically in the RPAS/drone industry. VRS aims at assisting companies and individuals to make the correct decision when entering the RPAS industry while offering advise and guidance to other industries looking for a cost effective solution.

The name VIO stems from the Roman numerals 510 which is the highest altitude commercial aircraft can fly. The level represents the service standards to customers which the company aspires to achieve.

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Peter-John Aitken is the director and founder of VIO Aviation Solutions along with being a qualified airline pilot, RPAS instructor and completing a BCom in Aviation Management through the Da Vinci Institute of Technology Management.
P-J has gained over 8500 flight hours and more than ten years’ experience in the management of charter and airlines. P-J’s flying experience has taken him all over Africa operating a Cessna Caravan in Gabon to ferrying a Beechcraft 1900D from North America to South Africa. P-J has a passion for innovation and technology within the aviation industry and believes in the possibilities of improving systems while reducing costs.
P-J enjoys the outdoors on his mountain bike or in the Kruger National Park.

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Jonathan Bates is a director of VIO Aviation Solutions is a BCom Honours graduate in marketing management, licenced commercial pilot with a flight instructors rating and a RPAS pilot.
Jonathan has an array of skills from auditing to project management in the corporate and banking sector. Jonathan thrives in the innovative environment aiming at optimising systems and processes.
While Jonathan is not at his desk, he enjoys the outdoors, especially running and triathlons. Jonathan has completed many marathons locally and globally, and even summited Kilimanjaro.

Peter-John Aitken

+27 83 230 7821

Jonathan Bates

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